Art Jewelry

Created by hand using Precious metals, Gemstones,

Glass  and Natural found objects.

Jean M. Powers, Artist

DownEast ArtWorks

Did You  Know?

 Maine is often called DOWNEAST because  ships sailing from Boston harbor had to sail


to get to Maine.  

THIS SITE is new!  We are hoping to create a new and more interactive platform for you to enjoy our artwork.  This Winter will be a fun trip into experimenting with different methods of manipulating precious metals to create stunning one of a kind designs.  Keep watch here!

What’s New?

Glass Picture Frame Jewelry

Put your own picture in and show off... a place, a scene, your grandkids, anything!  Each frame pendant holds several pictures so you can change them out at your whim!

MAINE -  The boundless ocean, historic Kennebec River and majestic woods around our home are an endless source of joy and inspiration, even materials!